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CTN* I cover a lot of ground. I read as much garbage vilifying America as I do lauding (a reasonable balance, I think).

It’s endless propaganda both ways spiced with the occasional “Ouch! What if …”  (I call these my ‘WOTIFF’s).


some of it were true?

Then the calibre of our education would reveal itself—can we discern fact from fiction, truth from fibs?


… The report’s significance is that it shows how little was learned from the Iraq War fiasco in which George W. Bush’s administration hyped and falsified intelligence to justify invading Iraq and killing its leader, Saddam Hussein. In both cases, U.K. leaders tagged along and the West’s mainstream news media mostly served as unprofessional propaganda conduits, not as diligent watchdogs for the public.

Today, we are seeing an even more dangerous repetition of this pattern: demonizing Russian President Vladimir Putin, destabilizing the Russian economy and pressing for “regime change” in Moscow. Amid the latest propaganda orgy against Putin, virtually no one in the mainstream is exercising any restraint or finding any cautionary lessons from the Iraqi and Libyan examples…”

To read from source:   CLICK HERE

It could be that the author has an axe to grind.


Then again, he may just be calling it as it really is?

I’ll leave it to you to make up your own mind, it may not be important to you—ok, rephrase that :

it is of vital importance to you and yours

and that’s that. God’s in His Heaven, the nice Mr Obama is packing his bags in the White House and whoever gets in next won’t honour any promises** so the wagon will roll on and I shall watch in endless fascination. Too old to give a damn, no descendants of my own and I never vote: you can’t blame me.



you must be a good citizen: get out there and vote.

Vote, dammit!

Vote as if your life depends on it***.

Vote as if your vote actually means something (you have nothing to lose).


sixties the hippies (you know, long-haired louts who didn’t want to be drafted****) famously said “What if they gave a war, and no-one came?

Equally valid now would be “What if they gave an election, and no-one turned up?


And now, back to being a CTN.

Watch for my next post, paranoia unmasked …

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*     Conspiracy Theory Nutcase

**    Which is good, because it saves having to think up some catchy new ones

***  Actually … it does

****  it means at gunpoint by your lawful authorities (and YOU voted for them!) (Certainly I didn’t …)

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