There’s just no alternative. Or is there?


here’s a nice attractive lady for you—

Allah's girl.png

—whom God in His infinite wisdom decided roughly fourteen thousand million years ago to have someone rape, then quite roughly terminate her, in accordance with His Holy doctrines.

BUT Brevity....png

Hubby obviously won’t go to Heaven, not if he goes around babbling unholy things like this—

“I’m devastated,” he said, “I want justice for Samia. Women have their own rights and own will. They are not prisoners. Killing a daughter is not the solution.”

—especially I love that bit about ‘women having rights’. And what’s he complaining about? She got justice. Sharia justice, Allah’s justice: and it don’t come no better than that.


What does ol’ God have to say, do you think?

Should we not convene a panel of experts—at taxpayer expense—to rewrite the world’s laws? Tuck us all securely under Allah’s most merciful and compassionate omnipotent wing?

Where we can all join Samia …

Cerberus, Semper Vigilans






3 thoughts on “GOD’S WILL SHALL

    1. There’s several, but in the first place I’m drawing attention to what I see as a contradiction between the Islamic claims (their loud bleating, actually) to be “compassionate and most merciful”.

      A claim they make for God (“Allah”); but Al is omniscient and just like Jehovah (actually, He is Big J) He is everywhere in time and space.
      And being omniscient, He knew before it happened that the nice lady’s loving family were going to pop her off in His Holy Name.
      Yet the all powerful allowed them to do it; proving that omnipotent or not He is incapable of stopping them … (or not really as powerful as claimed).

      Which makes a mockery of the Cristian claims to ‘Free will’ because if the outcome of any decision is known to God aeons in advance—then any such outcome is non-negotiable.
      So thanks to God’s omniscience all that we humans are left with is the illusion of Free Will.


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