This is what it really is all about (it takes the Russians to be honest enough to come out with it)—


—I guess that for the rest of us expediency rules. So long as the Saudis are paying their bills and still willing to ‘trade’ with unbelieving heathens then blind eyes can be turned in all directions.

Examples? Hah! Look no further than God’s Own Country*. The Saudis are willing to buy our lamb so long as it is prepared entirely in accordance with their halal methods. But halal can only be performed by the devout Muslim; no infidel need apply … which achieves what, exactly?


of course. There’s more than one way to (quietly) invade another culture, no?

Every imported qualified halalist is a ‘thin end of the wedge’ charged by endless indoctrination with the need to ‘take Islam to the infidel‘ (workers on kiwi processing lines  mostly being more skilled  with their hands than their minds) …


priding themselves on their world-beating open minds and free speech (except when they find speech offensive) may I draw your attention to this—

Democracy dream.png

to read the article: CLICK HERE

—and explain myself. Over a long and often interesting life I developed a laissez faire philosophy whereby so long as nobody gets hurt anyone can do or say as he/she wishes.


—but nowadays I am rabidly anti-Islam. (Why is that? Another post …)

In the meantime the topic of this post: a declaration of what religion is really all about.

Wealth and power. Wanna debate? I’m waiting … in the meantime—

Islam is the great religion of Peace, Mercy, Compassion, and Morality.

The caption to our cartoon —> reads simply: Mo's wed nite with Ayesha.png

“You know that I love you, Ayesha”

—for those of us that don’t know it, Muslims are allowed child wives.

Their holy Prophet (the paradigm of morality) married Ayesha when she was six but was finally allowed to take her virginity when she was nine. (In the meantime he just rubbed himself off against her … an art called in Islam “thighing”.)

Coming soon to a nation near you, Islamic peace and compassion—just don’t forget when you make the required pilgrimage to holy Mecca (the ‘hajj’) to empty your wallet into their coffers.



* New Zealand. Often abbreviated to ‘Godzone’.

2 thoughts on “HONESTY

  1. I find it disingenuous when defenders of Islam state that Islamic extremism is not Islam and yet, when the issue of terrorism is the focus of this vile religion the other aspects are so often ignored.
    One only has to look to Islamic cultural practices in countries such as Pakistan.
    If it ain’t happening right under the nose …. it ain’t really happening.

    Aaha! But of course, now it is isn’t it?

    Christianity is similarly guilty in certain areas as well. Consider the homosexuality laws in Uganda that were cheered and to an extent promoted by a group of US christian fundamentalists.

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  2. I think that Muslims are all just nice big beardy teddy-bears at heart, and it’s only the few nutters (tens, maybe hundreds, of millions of them) that get the rest a bad name—and all those ones were doing is following their Good Book to the letter. (Like ol’ Mo in the cartoon, there …)


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