is the privilege of Muslim men, the burden of their chattels women. Fair enough too.

It’s a Man’s world in Islam, no room for you wimps or Christian panty-waists. Get used to it, like it or lump it—coming soon to a town near you.


Islamic women have to be modest. This means the all-enveloping purdah outfits (no, not the classic ‘harem’ dress—that’s for men to enjoy); and being properly modest especially includes the trip to the beach. The sinful western bikini is out and the waterised black-bag is in. You may call it a burkini, if you wish—but it looks as if someone has set the clocks back only a hundred years—


—instead of the more accurate thousand (or more).

One should point out that in the west—

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 00.01.08.png

—it’s been done before. And we at least have moved on a few years. Decades. Dammit, generations … and we don’t own our women.

Images courtesy of Wikipedia …


All good clean fun, and what better to prevent Allah’s will of skin cancers for the unholy?

Berk 1.png

A natural progression, no doubt. Just look at the other guy’s naked rubber-duck ring thing there; nude, not a black feather in sight— is that sinful or what?



the PC police can always be relied on …


… which if you don’t speak the lingo (I don’t) will still make sense even if you aren’t aware that the pig-ignorant sinful natives of France are still trying to ban the burk. Berks. Whatever …





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