with a writer who cheerily espouses ‘Christian’ values. I don’t see myself as a Believer—unless it be in the Rights Of Man*; which I do in spades.

Our quote:

 “…it is impossible now to deny that the Europe whose foundations were laid on the Christian mandate of the Golden Rule is in its death throes.  The civilisation it built, with its belief in the importance and uniqueness of the individual; of the importance of conscience; and the imperative to treat our neighbours as we would wish to be treated ourselves is being overtaken by a resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism.

The glorification of a barbarism which gloats in the oppression, torture and killing of those brave enough to oppose it; the indiscriminate massacre of men, women and children – particularly those identified as Christian, as non-Muslim – or even the targeting of moderate Muslims opposed to the evil of a resurgent fanaticism – is spreading like a virus  throughout  the West…”

She goes on to blame that nice Mizz Merkel; which isn’t good because in a Democracy, We The People rule (no?). And Germany is a democracy, just like us Kiwis only different, no?

No …

To read her Article: CLICK HERE 

If you go there take a sandwich and a flask of coffee. She’s even longer winded than moi but what she has to say makes excellent sense. Anyway, don’t you worry none, ol’ God will look after His own. He’s good like that …

Cerberus, Semper Vigilans

semper vigo


* Oops; don’t I have to be PC and non-sexist here? Please amend that to the ‘Rights of Per’, where ‘Per’ means gender-neutral person. Okaaaaay … now please amend ‘person’ to ‘perper’, because ‘son’ means the male offspring of a man and woper … oops …


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