I READ RT, which is

‘Russia Today’

… but why?

It’s because I have simple filters when reading the News:  if what I blitz-read carries that elusive ‘Ring of Truth’ then I re-read for effect.

RT resonates with me. Propaganda, some of it, but no more than the American or British equivalents.


on for size.

“An activist has appealed to the Russian president and prime minister to make the two major Muslim holidays official paid days off, claiming that otherwise the nationwide celebration of Christmas can be viewed as discrimination.”

for source, please: CLICK HERE

hate speech?.pngNow I may come across as a bit anti-Islam, but why?


Islam isn’t a ‘religion’—

Islam is a system for absolute control:

  • of the state,
  • of the masses,
  • of the individual—

                                   —via the mind.



don’t give a damn if the Islamics stay in their own Islamic paradise.

I really wish they would—if I could afford it I’d fund their ticket home like a shot. Then we ignorant pigs in the west get to remain unbelieving pigs as much as we wish, while they get to saw each other’s heads off in Allah’s name as much as they wish. Win/win.


Freedom, not slavery. This is what my ancestors fought for: the Rights of the Individual regardless of artificial discriminations based on sex, social standing, or beliefs.

I SAY AGAIN Cerberus, Semper Vigilans
that the “flood of refugees” into Europe is a Trojan Horse.

In the west we are in an unrecognised war with Islam* (and we are losing that war).

We could yet regain our stature but how is for a future post.

You may already be familiar with the old saw that ‘the price of Freedom is eternal vigilance‘ … but Freedom comes at a greater cost than mere open eyes; it also calls for action. This is where We The Somnambulant fall down …


semper vigo.png



* Mind you, we have been for centuries, nothing new here.

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