C of S G.png

(the pics are the links)

The Count of St Germain (that’s him  —> )


500 years old a couple of hundred years ago (yeah, right …) had better watch his rear if this dude (down the page a bit) catches up.

Sadly, looking at him, I don’t think he ever will—but our gods move in mysterious ways, their wonders to perform.

Maybe one day …


I always thought we were genetically programmed to pop off not much later than around about age 120 years. Usual exceptions of course, few rules being totally reliable; but this Indonesian guy makes a mockery of statistics … unless of course he is the exception that proves the rule. Or a faker.

Mbah Gotho.png

Unreal, some say.

Others take his claim on faith. Skyborne piggy 2.jpg

Some say he cannot be verified, so obviously he’s faking.

Some might even wonder what sort of records were kept in his neighbourhood when he was actually born, and what sort survived since …

I just like the tale and thought that you might too. Anyway, he does look older than the 120 I was trying to give everyone—so much for my grasp of basic stats …





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