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So aptly named …


atheist myself I find I am completely befuddled by the women who welcome(?) the burqa, the chador, the black-bag; almost as much as civilisation welcomes(?) the arrogant screaming scumballs currently invading Europe and the west (by invitation, too—the mind boggles).

If ever the present German manhood can overcome the imposed and totally undeserved WW2 ‘Nazi guilt’ feelings and reawaken its pride—


Most of Germany today had absolutely nothing to do with the Nazis, the Holocaust, genocides, bombing London, killing 25 million Russians or flattening Guernica. There may be just an occasional dribbling thing in an old folks home somewhere but it would be fair to say that there are no WW2 Nazis left. Certainly not enough to overly worry or feel guilty about.

—they might care to look into their own present government and do some serious thinking.

If they don’t they are doomed and will get the fate they deserve. But by association if Islam can invoke in the descendants of the Nazis the same Nazi fervour, then the rest of us might just have very serious problems. (Certainly the Jews and Israel would.)


As arrogant as the ungrateful colonisers being imported into Europe in their millions are, they are insecure in their manhood. Think about it.

Any ‘man’ who has to cloister away ‘his’ woman/women is insecure; frightened that he is not man enough to retain her favours, her respect, her loving adoration (or at least her subservience). In fact, he’s an inadequate wimp.

But if he cannot keep her cloistered away then at least he can hide her (even in full view) from other men. Ergo the ubiquitous ‘purdah’ of Islam. One gathers that Islamic men trust each other to the nth degree (or at least as far as they can throw a London bus, one-handed, whilst standing up in a hammock).


any choice? Not if to the manner born; where most will seek to preserve the status quo—it’s what they were raised to/for. If it’s all they know, they will fight tooth and claw to preserve it—fight like rabid cats to be treated, not as equals, but as property. As chattels, slaves, sex slaves, objects.

Lberated, at last!.pngOthers will put their lives on the line to be simply treated and respected as people—and some have already paid the price.


(especially in Germany) Political Correctness has long overtaken common sense. Hence we have scholarly in-depth overly researched ‘neutral’ news articles by well meaning journalists desperately conforming to the current expected norms. Pragmatism rules? Yes, no; but at least you get to keep your job. Just keep on producing what your bosses want, win/win. No?

I offer this quote from Spiegel—

“…Whether we tolerate the burqa or not is a question that serves to highlight the limits of our tolerance…”

source:  CLICK HERE 

—make of it what you will, and if you try to tell me it’s not just a wee teensy hint of a little bit slanted … I’ll spit in your backwards leaning eye. Dammit, with me say what you really think—and mean what you say.

While you still can …

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2 thoughts on “BURQA

    1. Bugger … is it “I before c except after …” oops, “I before e except…” damn!
      But I stand corrected, and take it in good grace …


      …sniff …

      If I can’t be in the club (sniff) I’ll go join the Relgiosi, they’re always hunting newbies … (and then you rotten atheists better watch out~!)

      … sniff …

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