older than it looks. Older than we are ‘allowed’ to believe.


what we are meant to believe changes day by day. Disconcerting, because if the ‘science’ is unreliable then who can give us definitive answers?

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 19.40.12.png


would have us believe that humankind is very much older than science credits. Artefacts are being discovered (including works of art) created by ‘brutal’ ape-like beings twenty-five, forty, (even a hundred or more) thousand years ago—

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—and mankind was using purpose-built tools over a million years ago.


steadily being demolished is how the Americas were first colonised. Cranks tell us that humans were in the Americas a long time before the so-called Bering Land Passage opened, which new discoveries and thinkings seem to be now confirming.

“By working together with geologists and dating specialists, we have been able to put a secure chronology to this find and shed new light on the behaviour of our most distant ancestors.” 

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because experts are right up with the current state of present knowledge (an ‘ex’ is a has-been whilst a ‘spurt’ is a drip under pressure) …  are they not?

But no-one knows. Now Google the name ‘Virginia Steen McIntyre’ and try with an open mind to study her case (something I cannot do myself because I’m too biassed).

Or try this link: CLICK HERE (for Wikipedia).

Or you can just keep accommodating the changes …





One thought on “MANKIND IS

  1. I can’t give a credit for that shot of the wee lion statuette—sadly I didn’t note the source. But it was claimed to be over forty thousand years old …
    Not a brutal ape myself, I couldn’t hope to match it for artistry.


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